About Us

Buy Green Skin Care is an authorized Eminence Organic Skin Care dealer and an Eminence Green Spa. We are one of the first Eminence Organic Skin Care clinics in Ontario. We offer weekly promotions, Free samples, and outstanding customer service. Buy Green Skin Care is owned and operated by a certified Esthetician. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

At Buy Green Skin Care – we are passionate about preserving Earths natural resources. We are so committed to this mission that we have built a business around it.

Everyday we are surrounded by manufactured toxins and chemicals that not only compromise our environment, they damage our skin and seep into our bodies and yet when it comes to skin care, we’ll often “cleanse” our skin with more chemicals.

We believe in purifying the body not punishing it – that means every single product is carefully crafted with natural ingredients such as organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and natural thermal spring water. Our products never contain artificial colours, dyes, fragrance, chemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, or sodium laureth sulphate, and never any dangerous phthalates.

Go green without compromising performance with Green Skin Care’s collection of outstanding earth friendly organic products and personalized service you can count on.

Thank you for choosing Buy Green Skin Care as your get-gorgeous green beauty destination, and for trusting your beauty to us!